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Piaggo Scooters

Piaggio,  makers of the iconic Vespa, innovative Gilera scooters, Aprilia sports bikes and legendary Moto Guzzi motorcycles, as well as a huge stable of Piaggio brand trikes, scooters and bikes.

One of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world embarked on a global rebranding programme, called Motoplex, and the UK roll out has begun.  We made contact with the UK Network Development Manager to discuss the programme and how best to approach it. The key to winning the work was the service we offered, together with the quality of the product and flexibility we could offer with regards to manufacturing and installation.

Our first site was Moto Continental in Longbridge, a new dealer, in a parade of shops on the busy Bristol Road in Birmingham.

Vespa Piaggo

Moto Continental

Each sign comprises a fascia formed of butler finish Dibond ACM. The dealer name is stencil cut and backed up with ‘black to white’ acrylic, which appears black during the day, and turns white when the LEDs behind the letters are lit up.




The logos for Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi signs are fabricated boxes in acrylic and finished with premium cast translucent coloured films. LEDs on the inside are spaced carefully to ensure even illumination to both the faces and returns (sides) of each logo box.

We have been surveying sites across the UK for a few months now, and the portfolio of completed sites is growing, with sites going through our drawing office, out for advertising consent (planning permission), and onto our factory every week.

The comprehensive service we offer means that the Development Manager at Piaggio knows that all he needs to do is give us the dealers address and phone number, we take care of the rest. We ensure we comply with the Motoplex brand identity, that planning permission goes through efficiently, and that the installation causes the minimum disruption to the dealer.

The signs at Scooterden in East London had to fit carefully onto this listed building.



Midland Scooter Centre in Nottingham

If you want an innovative approach to your brand signage and thoughtful consideration of how to implement it, get in touch.