Seagulls v West Bromwich Albion - Match Day Sponsors

Football conversations are generally reserved for football fans in our office while the less enthused smile and nod or subtly zone out.  However, the Seagulls v West Bromwich Albion game last Saturday caused a stir, even amongst the apathetic in the office, as Tara Signs proudly became an official match day sponsor.




I sometimes wonder what it would be like being a football fan.  In our office there seem to be three kinds of football fans, some who like watching football,  and the proper pie-eating, long-suffering, shirt-buying fan, and finally, the proud football dad!!  Lee’s love for football emerged from watching his son Seb play Powerchair football.  Seb Finch is the longest-serving player having represented BHAPFC for seven seasons. The team finished third in the country last season, playing in the powerchair equivalent of the Champions League.




I read somewhere that fans experience an increase in testosterone when their team is winning – leading to a feeling of euphoria or despair if the levels of testosterone decrease should the team not be doing so well.  The rapid contrasting changes in the body are described as ‘Eustress’ and is reportedly addictive.

For each devout Seagull football supporter, the words of England Legend Alan Mullery on his most important day in May 1979 will ring true…“’I’d like it put on my gravestone that I got Brighton promoted!’

I am enjoying my little dalliance with the football in-crowd, but I think I lack the robustness needed for this beautiful game, that has the power to excite and enrage, give unbridled joy but make a grown man cry, forge friendships while creating bloody rivalries.  It’s all about a football game, but at the same time, it is exponentially so much more for the fans!

Will I too become enraptured as I hear the chant of the Seagull fans… Good Ol’ Sussex By The Sea, Good Ol’ Sussex By The Sea, We’ll tell them all that we stand or fall for Sussex By The Sea, All Together Now…?