Renault Story #1 Style...Ooh la la!

This chic and super stylish French car manufacturer commemorated the 50th anniversary of the death of Le Corbusier, an iconic French architect,  by creating a concept car that reflects  his Modernist architecture.


After collaboration between Renault and Nissan it is now one of the major automakers across the globe and they specialise in manufacturing a wide range of models including trucks, tractors and buses.Renault was established in 1899 by Louis Renault and his brothers, Marcel and Fernand.  It was originally called ‘Societe Renault Freres’ and the earliest logo featured the brother’s initials. After many redesigns the ‘diamond’ emblem was launched in 1925.

Renault selects market leaders as their partners; two revolutionary design icons were involved in the evolution of the Renault brand, Vitcor Vasarely and Jean Francois Porchez.

Victor Vasarely was knows as the The Father Of Op-Art, came up with a new diamond shape, housed in a hexagonal perimeter which is still used today.  Jean Francois Porchez designed custom typeface for world reknowned brands like Louis Vuitton, Paris Metro and Le Monde, he is a trendsetter in the typeface arena.

picture1In 1972 the logo was modified and modernised by Victor Vasarely who made it more dynamic and with cleaner, angular lines. The current form of the diamond badge has been used since 1972 with a few updates, like adding a square of yellow and featuring the Renault name. The colour yellow on the logo is said to represent joy, optimist and prosperity and the silver colour represents sophistication and creativity. The typeface ‘Renault Identite’ was designed for the Renault logo by the French designer Jean Francois Porchez.

The Corporate Renault slogan is ‘Passion for Life