Renault O'Briens - Ireland

Since winning the European wide tender to rebrand all UK and Ireland Renault dealerships with the new “Renault Exterior Store” concept, we have successfully installed 15 dealerships.

O’Briens in Ireland is our latest rebrand and the transformation is remarkable!  The industrial style metal mesh facade looks spectacular as a backdrop to the chrome Diamond and acrylic signature, with a pop of colour from the yellow flex face entrance marker, it certainly makes a powerful brand statement.  You can see the reflection of the statuesque 6.5m totem in the stylish glass fronted building; this is manufactured in a single piece with no panel joins.

The uncluttered forecourt area now features Headline, Test drive, Pro+ and Electric Vehicle display areas.  Not only do we make and install the signs, but also produce the high quality LED lighting and the unique branded road surface markings.



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