Renault 2018 Exterior Store Roll-Out

Tara Signs has won a European wide tender to rebrand all UK and Ireland Renault dealerships with the new “Renault Exterior Store” concept.

The new brand is eye-catching with an industrial chic feeling.Renault Woven Fascia

The existing white fascias are replaced with woven-metal mesh, used to clad the upper part of both the main and secondary showroom façades.

The Exterior Store programme uses new materials and innovative methods, the results are brilliant.

The facades were designed by Tara Signs, utilising architectural grade woven metal mesh, built into a cassette system.  The 3D diamonds are injection moulded polycarbonate for accurate manufacture. They are then vacuum metalised in chrome with ISO accreditation for quality and durability. A unique printed detail layer is sandwiched inside to reproduce an amazing 3D effect when illuminated.  The woven metal facade features the stunning chrome Diamond, fabricated acrylic signature text and a striking yellow FlexFace entrance marker.

The forecourt areas are now uncluttered and feature Headline, Test drive, Pro+ and Electric Vehicle display areas.  We make and install the signs, but also produce the high quality LED lighting, and the unique branded road surface markings.

Right from the start the challenge was to produce the 6.5 metre totem sign in a single piece, no panel joins.  Our 7 metre AXYZ CNC router table, combined with specially made, precoated yellow aluminium sheets allow us to build these magnificent structures.  A chrome plated diamond and “Black to White” illuminated acrylic signature text finish the sign off.

Our first Renault installation was way back in 1975, this is the fourth rebrand Tara Signs has carried out for Renault in the UK and the first time we’ve worked for them in Ireland.

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