PIAGGO : Dearden Motorcycles

Dearden Motorcycles was established in 1930 by Doug Dearden and sold in 2008 to Andy and Nigel Hewett, two brothers who live locally in Blackfield. Dearden’s stock the iconic Vespa, innovative Piaggo scooters, Aprilia sports bikes and legendary Moto Guzzi motorcycles, proudly representing the Piaggio brand.

As the preferred signage supplier for Piaggio, Phil has had the pleasure of getting to know Andy and Nigel while advising and creating their signage package. Dearden’s has outgrown their old premises and moved to this spacious factory based in Holbury, bordering the New Forest.

When Phil first visited the impressive site, in Holbury Southampton, it was under construction.



What a difference signs make!  The logos for Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi signs are fabricated boxes in acrylic and finished with premium cast translucent coloured films. LEDs on the inside are spaced carefully to ensure even illumination to both the faces and returns (sides) of each logo box.  Each sign comprises a fascia formed of butler finish Dibond ACM. The dealer name is stencil cut and backed up with ‘black to white’ acrylic, which appears black during the day, and turns white when the LEDs behind the letters are lit up.




We had a blank canvas to work from, and the results are dramatically eye-catching! The internal graphic displays are printed on a lightweight fabric and tensioned over an aluminium frame creating an edge to edge finish, the ease of changeability increasing the ability to be flexible, responsive, and resourceful in the face of change.




Dearden Motorcycles is now open for business, pop along to support them.

Call us if you require a thoughtful, innovative and creative approach to your signage 07903 750 710.