Livingstone Designer Outlet

Tara Signs has been an approved sign supplier for the Livingston Designer Outlet, owned by Realm, since 2004. We’ve manufactured and installed retail brand signs all around the Outlet, including Starbucks.  Jim Bradley, Facilities Manager at Livingston Designer Outlet had this to say…

“Livingston Designer Outlet has a relationship with Tara Signs going back many years and we are currently working with them on part of a mall refresh works. Having instructed them to help us implement a new policy on tenant external signage, we were delighted with their proposals for Starbucks. The designs they submitted thoroughly embraced our vision and resulted in a new signage package with high quality workmanship.  Working with Tara Signs has shown them to be flexible, professional with attention to detail and excellent communication at all times




Tara signs worked alongside Stuart McNally, Operations Director of Caledonia Contracts, approved shopfitters for Starbucks nationwide. Initially we printed and installed the window hoarding graphics allowing the shopfitters to complete the refit behind the scenes.

Starbucks is a global coffee giant, founded in 1971. The company is now the world’s biggest coffee house chain, with approximately 25 085* stores in 62 countries. Starbucks name originates from one of the greatest American novels, Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick.  Starbuck is the first mate on board the Pequod.

Inspired by the Moby Dick theme, the green Starbucks brand logo features a mermaid looking figure with twin fishtails, she is neither a siren or a mermaid but a combination of the two, in mythology, this is called a melusine, chosen to depict the nautical theme of Seattle.  When the brand first emerged in 1971 Seattle was known for sea ports, sailing and mermaids.





















The new corporate identity brand signage is manufactured using built up opal acrylic letters faced with 3mm painted aluminium and fitted with internal LEDs to give a halo illumination effect. All of the signage, including the projecting signs, were manufactured and installed within a tight deadline.

Tara Signs have a diverse group of retail clients.  They come to us for our manufacturing and programme management capability and experience in delivering signage for retail environments, store refresh programs, new builds or rebrands.

We have a wide range of production capabilities and are able to deliver entire retail schemes, many with unique elements.  This includes fascias, projecting signs, store facades and graphics inside and out.  We do technical design and develop construction detail prior to creating a prototype of your sign.  Pilot installations allow your project to be homologated prior to final sign off.  We prepare the programme for manufacture and installation, working to agreed deadlines to ensure the smooth implementation of your brand.

If you would like us to help you with your retail signs, call us on 01903 750710