RAMping up a new brand for Young's Brewery




Young & Co’s Brewery has rebranded their tenanted estate as the Ram Pub Company, these are individual pubs run by successful business partners.

The brief for the sign designers was to capture the unique character and story of each pub.   A pub sign is a brand label, noticeable and appealing, ideally telling a story and reflecting what is inside. The Grand Junction Arm sign reflects its location on the Grand Junction Canal.

We have a longstanding relationship with Young’s Brewery having manufactured their signs for over 15 years. The Grand Junction Arms is the first, of many, Ram Pub Company sites to be signed by Tara Signs.




The Brand sign is constructed of moulded GRP with a special Greige coloured gelcoat, detailed with Ardenbrite gold leaf paint. The central detail is a moulded dome shape finished in Pantone 173 orange and gold leaf paint.


We work with brand owners and their partners to solve the unique challenges of managing and implementing consistent brand signs across the UK.  If you need help with your brand rollout please contact our experienced team on 01903 750 710