Save the Children



Where did it all begin…  with ‘A Starving Baby and our Blockades have caused this’  headlines on a leaflet, drawing attention to the plight of children on the losing side of the first World War.  The founder of ‘Save the Children’ Eglantyne Jebb, was arrested and fined for distributing it in Trafalgar Square.  Her selfless dedication has grown into a charity that works across 120 countries, saving children’s lives and fighting for their rights and helping all children fulfil their potential.

Tara Signs is extremely proud to work with this remarkable charity.  Our relationship dates back to 2011 when we worked on the signage for the Worthing shop, installing the internal and external branding signage.  Since then we have worked on over 30 shops across the UK manufacturing and installing the rebranded signage.

Whilst installing fascia signage earlier this week in Porchester we uncovered previous branding signage – a perfect example of the evolution of a successful brand.

Save the Children Brand Evolution


The Charlie Brown  logo is now red, attention grabbing and urgent, while the round shape makes people feel included.  The small child shape in the centre of the circle, holds out its arms, reaching out to prospective donors and the message of this creative logo design is that the children need help immediately and YOU are invited to be included in this effort.

Save the Children Logo

Charlie Brown Logo

However just being able to create the sign, does not make it recognisable or memorable.  All aspects of a logo need to be thought through carefully including graphics, colour, shape, font (size, thickness, kerning) and negative space.  The best signs utilise the combination of these factors to create a sign that is recognisable (stands out in the crowd) and easy for the customer to remember. When the various applications of the logo are considered, then the brand, as represented by the logo, can shine through.

After this, infusing the logo with value relies on the experience of the customer. Our Signs create thousands of repeated exposures over time.  When you utilise a logo with strong graphics that reinforce the brand experience, the value can be monumental.

At Tara Signs we understand the value of your brand, by using ‘excellence by design’, innovative products and state of the art manufacturing, makes us the perfect choice if you are looking for brand signage…